Professional Hygiene and Health Solutions


COVID-19 has been designated as Pandemic, and its scope has spread to most countries in the world. In order to suppress the spread of the new coronavirus (COVD-19), many countries have called on people to minimize going out.

Based on our experience of "COVID-19", we hope to share with you some basic protection measures:

First of all, the virus is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract. Therefore, wearing a mask can basically prevent about 80% of the virus, and keep a distance of at least 1 meter from other people, which is the most important.

As we all know, this virus can spread through close physical contact. Dirty hands touch our eyes, mouth and nose, and are easily infected with viruses.

We recommend that you use non-contact disinfection equipment, which can be effectively disinfected without touching the palm of your hand, and can be used in homes and public places. The disinfection machine itself has an ultraviolet sterilization function, which is convenient and effective in eliminating bacteria , Which helps to stay away from viruses.

"COVID-19" is currently under control in China, and we hope our experience and products can help prevent infection with this virus.